In 2018, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center initiated the large-scale project «Voices. Holocaust Testimonies in Ukraine», to create the most complete online archive of oral history about the Holocaust, available in Ukraine for the first time.
Memories of the Holocaust that had been collected in Ukraine up until this point were scattered across various scientific works and foreign archives, and many eyewitnesses were overlooked by researchers. Over time, there were fewer and fewer people who could share their memories of the tragedy.
This project aims to record the untold testimonies of Holocaust victims and eyewitnesses in Ukraine, and to compile all available oral stories together in one online archive.
Project leader - Helinada Grinchenko, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of Ukrainian Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and chair of the Ukrainian Association of Oral History.
The project team consists of leading Ukrainian professionals in oral history, who record interviews across the country, working in the following areas:

– recording new oral testimonies about the Holocaust in Ukraine from representatives of the three main «memory groups»: victims, witnesses, rescuers;
– interviewing descendants of the victims and witnesses of the Holocaust in Ukraine;
– recording the stories of those who tried to perpetuate the memory of the tragedy during the post-war period;
– gaining access to existing oral stories about the Holocaust in Ukraine from foreign archives, to include in the project archive.
We are creating a unique collection of testimonies of ordinary people about the Holocaust in Ukraine, which can be presented in the online archive and used in interactive exhibitions and educational initiatives. The collection will be a valuable source for professional researchers and anyone who wants to learn more about the Holocaust in Ukraine.
The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center invites anybody interested in contributing to the preservation of the memory of the tragedy to participate in this project. If you know people who would like to share testimonies about the Holocaust in Ukraine, please send their contact details to: [email protected]
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