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Babyn Yar
Меморіалізація Голокосту в Україні протягом другої половини ХХ ст
А. Ф. Медведовська
Publisher: Рівненський державний гуманітарний університет, Історико-соціологічний факультет, Кафедра політичний наук, Рівне, 2014, 12
The article presents conditions and circumstances as well as social-political contexts of memorialization of the Holocaust victims in Ukraine, distinguishes the main factors which had significant impact on the character of memorialization in different periods during the second half of 20th c. It describes the process of involving the most remarkable sites of mass killing the Jews and other civil population in Ukraine to official and not official public discussions in the Soviet and post-Soviet time, shows the dynamic of these discussions and their dependence on political changes in the estate. The author does an attempt to give a historical background and to explain the reasons of official memory policy which communist power conducted toward the Holocaust in the context of general ideological doctrine and the attitude to the Great Patriotic War. The article also deals with complexity of the social conditions in area of historical memory of Ukrainian society after the collapse of USSR, putting the Jewish community’s needs and endeavours to the context of creating Ukrainian national estate and ideological contradictions connected with that.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Панорама політологічних студій.