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Babyn Yar
Пам’яттєвий простiр голокосту в сучаснiй українськiй прозi
Наталія Горбач
Publisher: Криворізький державний педагогічний університет, Кривий Ріг, 2019, 13
The article is about Ukrainian novels that represent the enlargement of geographical markers of Holocaust over all Ukrainian territory and outside its borders. The attention is paid not only for texts, where Jewish genocide is a leitmotiv, but also for those, where the subject is secondary. Modern Ukrainian prose about Holocaust forms the emphasizing and humanistic space, objecting ideologically distorted commemorative practices. In analyzing texts, the places of memory, which are mnemotechnical methods as well as symbols of memory, help to transform the communicative memory of witnesses and victims into cultural memory and to integrate it into national historical narrative.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Літератури світу: поетика, ментальність і духовність