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Babyn Yar
Єврейські жінки в умовах окупації та евакуації: різністратегії виживання (на прикладі представниць родини Рабіновичів)
Олена Геча
Publisher: Житомирський державний університет імені Івана Франка, Житомирська громадська організація "Союз польської шляхти", Житомир, 2018, 5
Women's history as a relatively new trend in historical studies is being replenished by new researchers and interesting works every year. Women's fate in a war is a separate topic, which has a large number of aspects that require detailed study, new reading and rethinking. Women were forced to go through a trial of occupation and evacuation. One of the most difficult practices for women was the front experience, both in military and in the medical staff. The view on a woman as a resource in a war was inherent in both the Soviet and Nazi totalitarian authorities. Similar experiences and peculiarities of performing non-peculiar roles require additional researches. In the proposed article on the example of the representatives of one family - Rabinovyches, was made an attempt to trace various strategies and practices of life / survival / of women in the war. The role of a woman in evacuation in Soviet realms remained on the verge of official representations of events and commeratural practices, therefore the article examines the survival experience of Raisa Rabinovich. Investigating the experience of being evacuated through his sources of optics can recreate individual episodes of life, from which formed strategies of survival not only of one woman, but a group of people who were unable to solve domestic and other problems without her. The Holocaust trial also fell on Jewish women. The symbol of the Holocaust in Ukraine was Babyn Yar, in its territory almost all Jewish population of Kyiv was shot. In Babyn Yar from the family of Rabinovich nine people of Rabinovich family died - the parents of Leonid Volynsky (Rabinovich) and his aunt Faiga's family. Those remaining among the living, were forced to bear their cross of moral blame before the dead.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Інтермарум: історія, політика, культура