Друга світова війна: історична пам’ять і необхідність деміфологізації
Р. І. Пилявець
Publisher: Український інститут національної пам'яті, Київ, 2011, 1
On the basis of results of the sociological questioning, conducted during the last years Center of Razumkov, drawn conclusion, that modern perception of most tragedy at history of humanity — World War II — and historical memory about it in Ukrainian society is not something universal, general and withstand. Moreover, it remains a «battleground», which divides Ukrainian society. It is shown that the basis of the public perception of the last war and the existence of different historical memories of her it is a struggle between two irreconcilable historical mythologies. It emphasizes the need demytholo-gizing history of the war, and notes that in its implementation leading role belongs to the historians.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Національна та історична пам’ять