Інший на маргінесі української колективної пам’яті
Максим Гон
Publisher: Інститут політичних та етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І. Ф. Кураса НАН України, Київ, 2017, 2
The article deals with the analysis of the place of the Other in Ukrainian collective memory. In author’s opinion, taking into account polyethnicity of the population of Ukraine, this memory should include the memory of national minorities.The decisive role in the construction of collective memory, according to the author, has state, political and symbolic elites of titular nation. The initiatives of national minorities in their efforts to integrate into We-memory are important, but have secondary role comparing with the position of the representatives of the titular nation. Much attention is paid to historians as one of the “architects” of collective memory. The author believes that Ukrainecentrism is one of the indications that the national minorities are on the margins of Ukrainian collective memory and finds another reasons for this status quo.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Наукові записки Інституту політичних і етнонаціональних досліджень ім. І. Ф. Кураса НАН України