Меморіальні парки воєнної тематики в культурно-історичному, рекреаційному та ідеологічному контексті (на прикладі м. Києва)
Н. В. Гатальська
Publisher: Національний університет біоресурсів і природокористування України, Київ, 2017, 4
The paper presents the results of a comprehensive study of the current state of the memorial parks of the military themes of Kyiv, which was carried out during 2011-2016, on the basis of the methodology of assessing cultural-historical value and means of expressing the ideological load of memorial parks. According to the results of the complex assessment of the Kyiv's memorial parks, the most valuable memorial objects are the "Slava" park and the Pechersk Landscape Park, which have a significant influence on the town-planning and compositional structure of the city, occupy a prominent place in the landscape of the Right Bank of Kyiv. The most controversial in the ideological plan are such objects as "Victory" and "Partisan Glory" parks, which have an entertaining character that contradicts the tragedy of war itself, but is subject to the Soviet ideology of education of youth and does not correspond to the modern ideological notions about the Second World War, its causes and consequences. Provided the conceptual approaches of changing the functional zoning of the parks in Kyiv ("Taraschanets", named after General Potapov, named after F. Pushyna) are not valuable in the memorable plan, based on the results of integrated assessment of research facilities, modern approaches to adapting park areas to the needs of the population Suggested approaches of adaptation of memorial parks of military themes on the example of Kyiv are proposed, aimed at reconciling modern ideological considerations with historical events by focusing their attention on their information, cultural and educational significance outside the political context.
Language: Ukrainian
Periodicals title: Наукові доповіді Національного університету біоресурсів і природокористування України