In today's world, encyclopedias occupy a prominent place in the system of reference publications and belong to the most authoritative sources aimed at meeting the information needs of both specialists and general readership. Acting as a kind of intellectual marker of development in a particular field of knowledge, encyclopedias reflect the panorama of the sector and at the same time clearly demonstrate the level of perception and assimilation of this knowledge by the public.
The goal of the large-scale project "Babyn Yar: Territory and Landscape of Memory. Illustrated Encyclopedia" initiated by the Institute for the Study of the Babyn Yar Memory Territory and Landscape at the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center is to present a generalized analysis of ordered, systematized, conceptually organized and verified information on the history of Babyn Yar as a symbol of the Holocaust and other tragedies.
History, like politics, starts from a certain place, a territory where a particular event took place. Therefore, comprehending the tragedy of Babyn Yar requires uncovering the peculiarities of how the territory functions and develops as a material historical source in the widest chronological context, from ancient times to the present day. But no less important is the comprehension of the memory landscape filled with different meanings, because Babyn Yar belongs to those unique places Reinhart Koselleck called "the Space of Experience", and where the past, present and future seem to converge in the meta-historical sense.
The structure of the encyclopedia will be based on a systematic (thematic) principle, its body will be created by articles of different scope and type – overviews, references, definitions of terms and concepts, as well as historical sources of different types. The key role will be played by visual and cartographic materials. The printed version of the encyclopedia will be further complemented by an interactive online version, which will not only significantly expand the readership, but also develop this important project, fostering a professional environment around it.
The Encyclopedia is being created by joint efforts of leading scientists of Ukraine and the world – experts from different fields of knowledge.
Vladyslav Grynevych, Candidate of Historical Science, Doctor of Political Science, is the author of the idea and leader of the project "Babyn Yar: Territory and Landscape of Memory. Illustrated Encyclopedia".
Babyn Yar