An initial cohort of 100 teachers will be recruited to pilot the edducational materials and technologies beginning in 2021. Teachers will engage in preparatory professional development, participate in webinars, receive curricular materials, and access to the Remembrance Map.
Teachers who want to offer project-based learning, but often lack the necessary supports and resources. Red Dot projects build alliances among teachers, museums, and historical experts to enable students to learn history through authentic, real-world, hands-on projects. More importantly, we foster learning communities of students, teachers, and experts from different countries. We support them with the technologies to collaboratively collect, archive, and verify data like true historians.

Personal Information

Professional Information

2.1. Where is your school located?
2.2. What grade(s) do you teach?
2.3. How many years have you taught?
2.4. What subject(s) do you teach?
2.5. How many students on average are in each of your classes?
2.6. Do you have a history club?
2.7. In which grades would you pilot Red Dot Remembrance?
2.8. In what setting do you think it is most appropriate to introduce pedagogy like a Red Dot Remembrance?
2.9. What obstacles do you think stand in the way of implementing a Red Dot Remembrance in your school?
3.0. Can you organize your class for field trips?