The interactive application 'Babyn Yar', that offers you to hear and see the events of the past, moving around the Babyn Yar memory territory.
The 29/9 project is the stories about the mass execution, told by the survivors. Each of them is related to a certain point in the territory. Being in different locations in 1941, contemporaries witnessed various tragic events. You move along Illienko Street and around the Babyn Yar area.
The route repeats the path of those who were persecuted to death in 1941. Sound and images on the smartphone screen enable us to get an idea about what was happening here in those tragic days. Almost 80 years later, being at exactly the same point, you can hear the past.
The images of the past appear in augmented reality; modern streets and the park are transformed, and you can see Kyiv in September of 1941.
These stories constitute excerpts from personal diaries of people from different parts of the world, as well as fragments of announcements in the world newspapers as of September 29, 1941. Thus, the Babyn Yar massacre is intertwined with the global tragedy of World War II.
The application implies individual use. Modern technologies cannot replace reality, but they enable us to at least touch on the catastrophe that occurred in Babyn Yar.
This must become the beginning of a long journey into the painful history of the event, which results in the awareness of the present.
The application was developed together with ‘Future History’ production studio, founded by journalist and writer Mykhail Zygar. The studio is known for its multimedia projects about historical events in the modern technology language. Among the projects – 1939live about the events of 1939 in real time and 1968.DIGITAL - the first documentary series for smartphones.
Babyn Yar
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