The online archive, compiled by the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, contains more than a million digitized documents from the twentieth century. Here you can find electronic copies of archival documents related to the Babyn Yar tragedy, the period of the occupation of Kyiv in 1941-1943, registration books of civil registry offices, reference card files, funds of district administrations and other materials. The data are constantly updated. These documents allow us to get the most complete information about the victims of Babyn Yar tragic events and their relatives, about the people who lived in Kyiv in the pre-war and post-war period, to personalize the stories of the residents, to understand the composition of the population of the city and its surroundings, to reveal previously unknown historical facts. The materials will be useful not only for researchers and scientists, but also for people who are interested in the history of their family. Anyone who wants to look into the past, using the search tool, will be able to get information about their relatives. The availability of such data online also greatly simplifies the genealogical studies, building ancestry family trees. Our nationwide digitization campaign began in 2020. Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the State Archival Service of Ukraine. We cooperate with central, regional and departmental archival institutions in Kyiv and throughout the country. We are also working in this area at the international level. Cooperation Agreement was signed with Yad Vashem—the World Holocaust Remembrance Center for the exchange of archival information. Memorandum of Cooperation was also signed with Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archival Service) and The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem.
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